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Nominating Committee 

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The following are the nine nominees for the 2024-2027 term for review. 

By clicking on their name and photo you will gain access to the materials that they submitted as a requirement to qualify for service as a commissioner.  

To review your assigned nominee, complete the Nominating Committee Review Worksheet located after the list of nominees.  Type the name of the person you are reviewing, their designation (Institutional Representative (IR) Faculty Representative (FR) or Public Representative (PR) and complete the following questions for that nominee.  Sign the form, verify your recommendation, and click Submit.  

Business Meeting
Business meeting

Meet the Nominees:

Click to see their details

5. Audeoud, Martine Photo 2024.jpeg

Martine Audéoud

Institutional Rep

5. Rill, Ann Marie Photo 2024.jpeg

Ann Rill

Institutional Rep

5. Paturi, Joseph Photo.jpg

P. Joseph Paturi

Public Rep

5. Bonitto, Laura Photo 2024.JPG

Laura Bonitto

Institutional Rep

Screenshot 2024-04-04 at 10.57.33 AM.png

Christian Wei

Institutional Rep

5. England, Tobias Photo.JPG

Tobias England

Institutional Rep

5. Weier, Gary Photo 2024.jpg

Gary Weier

Institutional Rep

5. McCorn, Lester Photo.jpg

Lester McCorn

Institutional Rep

5. Yoon, Richard Photo 2021-03.jpg

Richard Yoon

Institutional Rep

Nominating Committee Review Worksheet

According to the TRACS Bylaws, there shall be at least nine, but not more than eighteen, members of the TRACS Accreditation Commission. The Accreditation Commission shall be made up of:

Institutional Representatives - Members of the Commission not falling into one of the categories below shall be employed full- time by member institutions as executives, administrators, or faculty.

(Note: Faculty members may be considered Institutional Representatives as necessary to ensure the meeting of quotas for required designations.)

Faculty Representatives - At least two members of the Commission shall be full-time faculty members of member institutions.

Public Representatives - At least three, but not more than one-third of the Commissioners shall be public representatives.

Representatives with Distance Education Expertise - At least one of the Institutional Representatives shall have demonstrated expertise in Distance Education.

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