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Filing a Complaint

TRACS values the role of information provided by students, employees, and others as an aid in monitoring institutional compliance with TRACS Accreditation Standards and policies and in ensuring that TRACS staff and Accreditation Commission members follow the policies of TRACS in their dealings with institutions and related constituencies. Such information may be provided to TRACS as an official complaint utilizing a Complaint Processing Form.

The TRACS Complaint Policy provides detailed information regarding the complaint process, including the procedure for filing an official complaint against a member institution, a member of the TRACS staff, or a member of the TRACS Accreditation Commission.

Individuals intending to file an official complaint with TRACS should review and be familiar with the specifics of the TRACS Complaint Policy before proceeding with the submission of a Compliant Processing Form. 

Complaints may be submitted in either of the following ways:

1. Download, print, complete, and submit the Complaint Processing Form to the TRACS office by mail.

2. Complete and submit the Complaint Processing Form online (below). 


Once a Complaint Processing Form has been submitted, TRACS will follow the procedures outlined in the TRACS Complaint Policy in processing the complaint.

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