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Andy Carrein, Ed.S.

Andy Carrein, Ed.S.

Director of I.T.

Ed.S. Educational Technology, Regent University


Mr. Andy Carrein previously served at a member institution as the Coordinator of Academic Technology. In 2020, the Carrein family left the USA and started relocating to the beautiful & tropical country of Belize to serve the people in severely poverty stricken areas. At that same time, he started serving at TRACS as a part-time remote contractor to implement a new digital portal that now encompasses all areas of compliance documents and interactions with the member institutions.

While serving in this capacity, TRACS started adding more responsibilities and opportunities for Mr. Carrein. After a year-and-half, TRACS offered Mr. Andy Carrein a full-time position as the I.T. Director in the summer of 2022.

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