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Matt Beemer, Ph.D.

Matt Beemer, Ph.D.

Vice President of Institutional Compliance

Ph.D., Louisiana State University


Dr. Beemer has served administratively in Christian Higher Education for over three decades. He served as Dean of Communicative Arts and the Vice President of Academic Affairs at Pensacola Christian College over a twenty year span before becoming the Senior Vice President and Chief Academic Officer at Trinity Baptist College. At both institutions, he was instrumental in the development of multiple academic programs as well as providing oversight to support areas, including the Registrar’s office and Learning Resources. In addition, he has taught communications courses from the freshmen through the graduate level. Prior to joining the TRACS staff, he served as a TRACS commissioner for 11 years and served on several evaluation team visits.

Dr. Beemer’s strengths lie in academic program development, faculty development, and general administration.

He is an avid cyclist, logging miles every chance he gets. In addition, he enjoys playing the piano and teaching an adult Bible Fellowship class each week. He and his wife, Judy, have three children and live in Jacksonville, Florida.

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